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Martini untangles the complex layers of the affluent audience to maximize results.


HHI: $75+k
Reach Across Martini: 47%


• Single
• Millennial college graduates
• Active digital lifestyles
• Optimistic, creative, & risk takers
• Fashion conscious
• Passionate about food and restaurants
• Confident and consider themselves leaders


HHI: $100+k
Reach Across Martini: 48%


• Married
• Own home
• Average 6 connected devices in HH
• Average 15 days in a hotel/ year
• Early adopters
• Decision makers and multi-taskers
• Prefer to buy designer or luxury brands


HHI: $250+k
Reach Across Martini: 58%


• Married, 3-Person household
• Own primary and secondary home
• Average 7 connected devices in HH
• Index 202 for first class travel
• Fashion/ style reflects who they are
• Quality products bring them enjoyment

Source: 2014 Ipsos comScore Fusion