This is How We Do It

Success starts with a winning team. With a back engine of PhDs to configure and construct, as well as the industry’s top skilled technicians committed to the most up-to-date technology, Martini works to make the experience most cost efficient for you, the client, still delivering the most high-yielding payoffs.

Technological Expertise

We engineer our data to generate the most accurate assessments, specifically constructed for your company’s sophisticated needs. Martini has worked with the top affluent and luxury brands in the world and have a treasure trove of business insights based on their campaign results. Only Martini can provide a holistic view and insights focused on the affluent market and their online engagement and behavior.


    Campaign and user-level insights and metrics from top tier technology such as BlueKai, MOAT, and DFP


    Statistical analysis is used to validate both income validity and benchmark performance across different advertising sectors


    Campaign recommendations are created to marry highest performing media to the right audience


    Martini developed decision engines will decide in real time to serve a viewable ad to the appropriate audience


    Run-time optimizations along with post-campaign analysis allows for success for current and future campaigns