Our Story

In 2008, a small group of entrepreneurs and digital marketers discovered that wealthy consumers were the most engaged audience online. This discovery suggested that the affluent segment spent a majority of their time online while also driving the most spending online. Brands, however, invested minimally in digital media, especially in marketing to the affluent audience. Martini Media helps luxury advertisers to reach the affluent audience online.

Throughout the years, Martini Media grew into the leading luxury digital media company in the United States. The company continues to actively develop and exhibit an expertise in custom high impact units on desktop and mobile, branded content, and social media, all under the premise that the affluent audience is the most engaged audience on the Internet.

Our Mission

Martini Media is the only partner that specializes specifically in the affluent audience online. With more than 10 years of experience, Martini’s unmatched focus and interest provide marketers with the necessary expertise in a dynamic digital marketplace. Martini’s success is rooted in the power of intelligence and the virtue of imagination.

Affluence. Evolved.

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The most valuable consumers, affluents, control spending and drive influence.


trillion spent in the United States


higher spending than non-affluents


agree, “people often ask my advice across any category”

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