The Martini Report

Martini Media conducts custom research on the affluent audience through a series of industry leading white papers. We provide a comprehensive and insightful perspective on the affluent consumer. The Martini Report quantifies the central role of digital media in the lifestyles and spending habits of the affluent, while offering a deep dive into key marketplace categories.

Spotlight Categories: Auto, Luxury Goods, Financial Services, Travel, and Spirits.

Martini’s expansive expertise.

We understand what moves, inspires, and motivates the affluent.



begin their search with a specific auto brand in mind, yet only 20% purchase the first vehicle they researched online



of travel bookings occurred on a mobile device



believe they will exclusively use online banking in the next five years

Wine and Spirits


are more likely to pay attention to an advertisement for spirits if it contains a recipe



more likely to influence others on skincare, cosmetics, and fragrances

Luxury Goods


agree that the definition of luxury has shifted from expensive and exclusive to unique and exceptional quality

Affluents are digital-first, 98% agree their life has become intertwined with technology.

50+ hours a week online across devices, compared to only 30+ hours of general population.

The new face of affluents.


Affluent millennials are projected to increase their spending by 12%.


Over 40% of Americans with incomes exceeding $500,000 are women.


Black American’s buying power is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020, a 275% growth since 1990.

The Martini touch.

Martini's invite-only media channels include premium categories: Travel, Epicurean, Business/News, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Tech. Our team hand selects each partner and critically evaluates against our standards of excellence to ensure brand safety and high viewability.

Right audience, high index for $125K HHI

Quality ad inventory, viewable and fraud-free

Relevant content quality, original editorial that is brand safe

Aesthetic that resonates with premium advertising brands

Volume and scalability meet minimum traffic threshold

Rich media enabled accepts high impact units

More money, more publications.

Median number of publications read among affluents increased the higher the household income.











Time spent on different devices.

99% desktop/laptop

91% smartphone

76% tablet